The development of this application was done exclusively on OpenSUSE 13.2.
The vast majority of testing was done using Firefox 35 and Chromium 39.

Some limited/sporadic testing was done on Mac using recent Safari and Chrome versions

An amazingly detailed testing was done by a 3rd party volunteer on a variety of Windows OSes using various versions of Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer browsers.
Several issues remain open to date and may take a while to get addressed for Windows-based environments, most notably the display of the FontAwesome icons on buttons and the navigation tool.
If using a Windows-environment and having difficulties due to lack of icons please check the Help sections for possible alternate controls.

The mobiles platforms were not targeted by this application so far. Some things may work, but most of the viewer interactivity probably won't.

Addressing issues related to specific OSes and Browsers will be prioritized based on the Google Analytics percent usage reports, capability/functionality impact and lastly cosmetic appearance impact.