Software builds are arguably the most critical steps in the development cycles of the vast majority of the software products, at least because technically they output the artifacts eventually qualified as the products themselves.
Building software is a significant portion of the daily grind for many software developers, QA communities needs the built artifacts to do their jobs, DevOps personnel cross their fingers for the automated CI builds to complete successfully, Release teams hold their breath during production builds hoping they'll meet the deployment planned date.
The software build performance remains a hot topic driving many products and technologies, showing up on many software development costs-related slides and backing many IT departments budget requests.

BuildIn is a cloud-based application designed to aid in high-level performance analysis of complex/massive software builds. It provides a visual correlation between a build's long-lasting process tree and various build server's operating parameters.

These are just a few potential uses for such high-level performance analysis:

And here are some examples of questions that BuildIn can provide answers for:

BuildIn is implemented using the Google App Engine PaaS infrastructure for its performance, scalability and security features.